With our software and services we provide assistance with most aspects of well placement. Our clients include international oil companies; the national oil companies of the Middle East, North Africa and China; large and small independent oil companies and oil field service companies.

Our experience is highly international ranging from the unconventional gas plays of the USA through the massive carbonates of the Middle East and the sand-shale sequences of Africa, South America, the United Kingdom North Sea and China.

Whether the job is based on GR/ROP or full triple or quad combo, or whether it involves picking dips from real-time images, GeoSteering Services provides 24/7 real-time cover on individual wells from client offices or from our own premises.

Our geosteering software, RigComms, runs in real-time allowing our users to watch data streaming from MWD/LWD, mudlogging and rig instrumentation systems in many different environments.